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Corn Creek Review

The Corn Creek Review is Young Harris College's literary magazine. It is a created by and for the students of YHC and serves as a vehicle for their creative expression. The magazine accepts submissions of poetry, prose, musical composition, photography, painting, drawing and other art forms. Each year, the magazine is put together by a student group that gathers submissions, chooses the content for the magazine, and designs the layout.

The faculty advisor is Dr. Amanda Lawrence. Contact Dr. Lawrence if you are interested in joining the magazine staff or submitting your creative work.











The Corn Creek Review holds an annual competition for the best poetry and prose in its pages. Support for The Corn Creek Review literary awards is given in loving memory of Danny Bearse ’79, by his aunt, Ms. Jo Bearse.

2013-2014 Recipients

1st place: "Numbly"  by Mason Mitcham
2nd place: "Run Empty"  by Emma Jones
3rd place: "The Vexing Dead" by Mason Mitcham

1st place: "Breakfast"  by Olivia Madden
2nd place: "On Censorship" by Mason Mitcham
3rd place: "On Going to Chapel" by Alyssa Lowery