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LEED Low-Emission & Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

LEED SSc4.3 Low-Emission & Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

As a comprehensive liberal arts institution that values the natural environment and resources of its location in the southern Appalachian region, Young Harris College recognizes the importance of serving as a community leader in meeting the 21st century challenges of energy efficiency, resource conservation, and waste reduction. The sustainable development of the YHC campus through green building, careful site selection, and responsible resource use has the potential to serve as a model for the design, construction, and operation of all buildings.


Campus Preferred Parking for low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles


To reduce pollution and land development impacts from automobile use, Young Harris College shall provide preferred parking for low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles.


July 1, 2009


1. Young Harris College shall offer a 20% discount off vehicle registration and parking decal exclusively for students, faculty, and staff who own low-emitting and/or fuel-efficient vehicles. Vehicle registration is currently $25 and billed to student accounts each semester.
2. In order to qualify for this discount, low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles must be classified as a Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) by the California Air Resources Board or have achieved a minimum green score of 40 on the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) annual vehicle rating guide.
3. The number of discounted permits available to students, faculty, and staff each semester shall not be limited.
4. Notice of this discount shall be posted in the Young Harris College Police Department and shall be included in all electronic and printed advertisements each year.

Young Harris College believes that this policy is an integral step in our commitment towards sustainable design and development practices and will have a positive impact on our natural environment.