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Dr. Ashley Carr

Dr. Ashley Carr

Assistant Professor of Education

Honors Program Director

(706) 379-5326
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Dr. Carr holds a B.S. and Ph.D. from The University of Georgia, and a M.S. from The University of Denver. Her path as an educator has taken her into traditional and non-traditional classrooms in Taiwan, Colorado, New York, South Africa, Cambodia, Kenya, and Belize. Dr. Carr is a member of the National Association of Multicultural Education, the Comparative and International Education Society, and serves as faculty advisor for the YHC chapter of the Student Professional Association of Georgia Educators (SPAGE). Dr. Carr’s areas of interest include the sociopolitical context of education, multicultural education, aesthetic education, and critical pedagogy. In addition to her responsibilities in the Division of Education, Dr. Carr is Director of the YHC Honors Program.