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Division of Fine Arts

Young Harris College’s Division of Fine Arts is a vibrant community of artists who are challenged to take their talents to a higher level through rigorous practice and a robust exchange of ideas. Our thriving and active arts programming features theatre productions, music concerts and exhibits in the Campus Gate Art Gallery. All are well attended by students, faculty, staff and neighbors—giving you the exposure you want and the cultural offerings everyone needs. YHC makes it even easier to follow your dream by offering substantial scholarships in each area of concentration within the division.

Our intensive courses, inspiring performances and immersive field experiences allow you to open your mind, warm your heart and nourish your soul. Unlike other institutions, YHC believes it’s important to explore all facets of your creativity instead of narrowing your focus to one discipline. Because of our size, YHC’s fine arts students can lead active roles in the classroom and in the spotlight—meaning you can perform in a contemporary play and jazz recital as well as exhibit art in the gallery. In fact, YHC encourages all students—regardless of major—to take advantage of these artistic opportunities to be bold and express yourself.  

Young Harris College is the place to follow your dream. This is where you can try new things, push yourself and inspire others. That is the liberal arts tradition in which all of our fine arts programs are rooted. This flexibility stresses individuality and allows students to broaden and enhance their professional goals.


Bachelor of Arts

Theatre (Musical Theatre)
Theatre (Performance)
Theatre (Design/Technical)

Bachelor of Music Education

Music Education

Minor Programs


Young Harris College is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music.