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Fine Arts Faculty


DEAN OF the Division of FINE ARTS


Art Department

  • Ted Whisenhunt, Associate Professor of Art and Chair
  • Stan Anderson, Associate Professor of Art
  • Duncan Baird, Adjunct Instructor of Art
  • Dr. Mary Slavkin, Assistant Professor of Art History
  • Charlie Routh, Adjunct Instructor of Photography


Music Department




Theatre Department

  • Chris Crawford, Assistant Professor of Theatre and Dean
  • Shelley Gordon, Adjunct Instructor of Dance
  • Bart Hansard, Adjunct Instructor of Theatre
  • Abby Kiker, Assistant Professor of Theatre and Costume Design
  • Kendall Kiker, Adjunt Instructor of Theatre
  • George Koller, Adjunct Instructor of Theatre and Dance
  • Anne Towns, Assistant Professor of Theatre and Chair
  • Zackary Vandever, Assistant Professor of Theatre/Technical Director