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Division of Humanities

YHC’s liberal arts foundation educates the whole person—mind, body and spirit—and encourages the lifelong pursuit of knowledge and truth. And at the heart of any great education are the humanities. The Division of Humanities provides students with opportunities to pursue their own interests within their chosen program while emphasizing the continuing development of their skills as thinkers, readers and writers. This freedom to interweave your own interests within a structured program is the core of a well-rounded liberal arts education.  

Our division helps you break away from what you already know and find your best self. Because educating the whole person isn’t just about academics, we focus on ethics across the curriculum, global understanding and the human condition. A small faculty-to-student ratio allows you to have one-on-one conversations in and out of the classroom. That means meaningful discussions on who you are, what you believe in and how you can contribute to the world.  

As a student of the humanities, you will sharpen your capacity for perceptive analysis and original thought, so you’re an invaluable asset on any team. You’ll learn to analyze complex issues, make reasoned judgments and express ideas effectively. These skills and habits will serve you throughout life, and will prepare you for a broad range of careers and graduate opportunities.


Bachelor of Arts

Communication Studies (Human Communication and Media Communication Tracks)
Creative Writing
English (Literature and Creative Writing Tracks)
Religious Studies

Minor Programs

Communication Studies
Popular Culture
Religious Studies