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Work Experience

Student Publications

Students interested in pursuing careers in journalism or related media fi elds have the opportunity to work on the student-produced Enotah Echoes, a campus newspaper that is housed in the Department of Communication and distributed on and off campus. Students working on the newspaper earn academic credit toward graduation and are intimately involved in all aspects of the editorial and production process. Enotah Echoes is a member of the Georgia College Press Association as well as the Student Press Law Center and competes in annual regional and national journalism competitions.


Outside of the classroom, Communication Studies students are given ample opportunities to hone their nascent skills in a variety of on- and off-campus environments. Internships with local businesses and organizations are extensive and contribute to our pool of internships. With our proximity to the CDC, CNN, the Arthritis Foundation and more international corporate and non-profit centers, Atlanta and the surrounding area is fertile ground to exercise the work of the classroom.