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Office of the Dean

Welcome to the Division of Humanities at Young Harris College.

You have chosen the perfect moment to explore what our division has to offer because the Humanities at YHC have never been more vibrant. Here are a few examples of  what makes our division so lively: as part of the YHC Media Studies Research Collective, students had the opportunity to present original research at the Conference on Popular Culture in Canada; students of World Religions participate in a Buddhist meditation group on campus and in Asheville, NC; Spanish students accompanied their peers and professor to a Picasso exhibit at the High Museum in Atlanta; humanities students work on the editorial board of YHC’s Arts magazine, The Corn Creek Review and traveled to the west coast of Ireland to learn about “finding your roots” as part of an interdisciplinary study abroad program. Challenge yourself to be a better writer, reader, and thinker as you pursue a major in communication studies, Spanish, or religious studies; you can also go after a minor in these four disciplines as well as in philosophy.

The Humanities, the heart of a liberal arts education, open the door to a wide range of ideas, perspectives and problem-solving techniques. And study of the Humanities is exhilarating—like tasting a Thai Red Curry after a lifetime of fast food. I invite you to join the banquet.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish more information about the Humanities at Young Harris College. The Department chairs, listed on the faculty pages, will be delighted to talk with you as well. I wish you all the best as you continue your education.

Ruth Looper, Ph.D.
Dean, Division of Humanities