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Minor Program

The Department of Foreign Languages offers a minor in Spanish (15 credit hours) to students who wish to focus on a particular area of Hispanic studies while pursuing another major field. The Spanish minor program enables students to reach a level of proficiency in Spanish language and culture suitable for both academic and professional purposes. 

The program focuses on the development of the student's speaking, reading, listening and writing skills so that the student will be able to converse in Spanish on everyday life topics, as well as to read and understand Spanish materials in specialized fields such as business, legal studies and medicine.

Spanish is a major world language. It is spoken by over 400 million people in over 20 countries and is the second most spoken language in the United States. Hispanics have recently become the largest minority in our country and will comprise a quarter of the US population in just a few decades.

For these reasons, Spanish is the most studied foreign language in the U.S. and there is a high demand for people who can communicate in Spanish, as well as for people who can teach it. Market studies show that a minor in Spanish will increase a student's chances of finding employment in many areas, including business, education, health care, public relations, translating and interpreting, criminal justice, government, international relations, media, religious ministries and social services.

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