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Student Perspective


Bonner Leader Grace Patterson says...

"Through my work ar a local after-school program, I have been instilled with a sense of purpose in the community. My favorite thing is the start of each shift. It’s the way the kids greet me when they see me—they excitedly say my name and give me hugs. It makes me feel appreciated and inspires me to do the best I can to help them.”

Bonner Leader Noah Calhoun says...

“I’ve always had a heart for service work. You get to meet new people, hear their experiences and share your own."

Bonner Leader Alec Housholder says...

"Serving is my passion, and being a Bonner Leader provides me with the opportunity to help others while making lifelong friendships that will endure well past graduation. The Bonner Leaders family at Young Harris College is unbeatable; we all support each other on a personal level. This program enables me to make an impact in the community while also receiving scholarships so that I can continue to do what I love."

Bonner Leader Victoria Sink says...

"The Bonner Leaders Program has provided an excellent growth opportunity for me throughout my college career, and has truly helped shape and define me as an individual. I have been very privileged with all that I’ve been able to do through this program. I have put in many hours of service work into my community, but I feel as though I have received even more in return. Being a Bonner has helped me see beyond the typical college worldview and become more aware of many global issues. The Bonner Leaders Program is one of the best things I have ever been involved in."