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Ethics Across the Curriculum


The EAC program seeks to make ethical reflection a vital part of the ethos of Young Harris College. It promotes creative and critical conversations on ethical issues and values as a vital part of the mission of the college. The program encourages discussions about, “how we ought to think,” “how we ought to act” and “who we are” among students, faculty and the rest of the YHC community. The program provides resources to support faculty, administrators and staff who wish to integrate discussion of ethical issues and values into classrooms, extracurricular programs or other initiatives.


The goals of the EAC program are to provide students and faculty with tools to more easily and clearly recognize the moral implications of our decisions and to make better-informed moral decisions. More specifically, after completing a four-year degree at YHC we expect students to be conversant with “value” terms; for example, “consequences,” “duties” and “virtues” in the context of moral decisions, able to recognize and explain one or more fallacies in moral reasoning and able to recognize and offer a general response to the most prominent moral questions in their field of study.


The EAC program at Young Harris College has developed, in part, in response to the interests of the faculty. One motivation for the program is a felt need for a bridge between students’ academic lives and their spiritual lives and student development programs. If students learn the tools to talk meaningfully about values and morality in the classroom, they may be better able to articulate and act according to those values in those areas of their lives that are most meaningful.

Find out how to participate in EAC and check out some examples from past participants in the program listed below. If you would like to participate in the program, please fill out an interest form.

Participant Examples

Evaluating EAC Courses

After participating in the EAC program, please return an evaluation form to Dr. Eric Dickman, Coordinator of the Ethics Across the Curriculum program, within one month of the last day of classes.

For more information, contact Dr. Eric Dickman.