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Student Perspective

Madison Perdue

The Honors Program has provided me with unique opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else on campus. Through the program, I have visited a foreign country, conversed with several well-known authors, enrolled in many special courses and worked closely with a professor on a research project and presentation. More is expected from Honors students, but those who choose to go the extra mile will find that their confidence level will grow with each step.

Grace Patterson

This program allows me to delve into special topics that I find interesting during discussion- based, hands-on courses. I am a big Jane Austen fan, so I loved taking a class that analyzed her writings in-depth. In my “Hiking the Appalachian Trail” class, I took day trips with my classmates and explored parts of the gorgeous trail. I am an art major, and being in this program has increased my knowledge of art history as a whole. The Honors Program is awesome because not only are the professors personable and great at what they do, but the classes are also much more immersive than regular courses

Allison Matulia '12

My favorite thing about the YHC Honors Program is the opportunity to learn about unique topics. This past semester, my honors class outlined and prepared us for applying for graduate school. As I am now sending in my applications, I have realized how irreplaceable this experience and knowledge from the class was.

Jessica Keaton '11

I was in honors classes in high school and I wanted to continue at the college level. At the time, my reason for joining the program was all academic. Now, it is more social. I connected with so many of my best friends in the program and developed friendships with my professors.YHC Honors is like one big family, and I am so glad I decided to join. It really changed my life forever.