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Minor Program

The minor in Chemistry allows students pursuing bachelor’s degrees in disciplines other than Chemistry to engage in focused and in-depth study of the subject. For instance, a Biology major who wishes to enter the field of biochemistry, environmental toxicology, or plant or animal physiology would benefit greatly by having the added experience associated with a chemistry minor.  In addition, a strong chemistry background is also looked upon favorably in many professional programs, such as Medicine & Dentistry, as well as other graduate programs.  A chemistry minor can be used to complement any bachelor’s degrees, even those not associated with science.

A student who pursues a minor in chemistry will learn creative problem-solving and critical thinking as it pertains to the discipline of chemistry.  The use of instrumentation and technology in chemistry provides valuable skills essential to a variety of professions, since a good background in chemistry is essential in understanding the world around us.

Students must complete the requirements necessary for their major programs of study.

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