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Office of the Dean

Young Harris College has a long and respected tradition of preparing students for careers in mathematics  and science through excellence in teaching by a dynamic faculty dedicated to student success. Our classes are small and taught by the professors themselves, not by teaching assistants. Our classes are rigorous and demanding to best prepare you for your career and life beyond college. At YHC, professors are willing to give you individualized attention to help you achieve your goals. 

Young Harris College offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Science, which can lead to careers in medicine, health sciences, veterinary science, pharmacy, wildlife biology, botany, environmental science and others.  A Bachelor of Science degree is also offered in Mathematics giving students the training required for careers in economics, engineering, software design, medicine and many others. If you are interested in teaching, you can add an initial teaching certification to be completed with a degree in mathematics or broad-field science.

Young Harris College also offers minors in Biology, Chemistry, Math and Astronomy and can give students an excellent start in many other careers not listed above including nursing, physics, astronomy and computer science. We hope to soon have majors in chemistry and environmental science.

All of our majors, including those in mathematics and science are offered in context of a liberal arts education, the type of undergraduate education preferred by medical schools, other graduate programs and many businesses. You will receive a well-rounded education here at Young Harris College in addition to knowledge and skills specific to your degree. Furthermore, YHC is located in the beautiful southern Appalachian Mountains, one of the most biologically diverse areas in the U.S., giving us a natural laboratory and lots of opportunity for outdoor activities. Please contact me if you have questions about our programs.

Dr. Linda G. Jones
Dean, Division of Mathematics and Science