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May Buffet FAQ

What is May Buffet?

May Buffet is a three-week term that starts on the Monday after the spring semester concludes in which faculty teach courses that are intentionally unique and related to their areas of specialization. These courses are not offered at any other time during the academic year. Through May Buffet, students have the extraordinary opportunity to work closely with a faculty member in his or her area of expertise.

How many courses will I take?

Because May Buffet is only three weeks, students will take only one course during this session.

How will a May Buffet course count in my program of study?

May Buffet courses will count as elective credit (3 hours) in baccalaureate curricula because of the unique and singular offerings of the courses. Students wishing to learn how a course will fit into their degree program should contact his or her academic advisor.

Where will I live during May Buffet?

May Buffet residential students enjoy the benefit of staying on campus with continued dining privileges between spring semester and May Buffet. Students will remain in their spring semester rooms until Thursday of the first week of May Buffet, when they will transition to The Towers. On-campus dining is available throughout the May Buffet term.

What is the cost of May Buffet?

YHC always strives to be affordable, and May Buffet is no exception. Because students take one course, May Buffet tuition is half of Summer Session tuition. Payment is due 10 days before classes begin. 

Item Cost
Tuition (3 hours) $1,422
Room $516
Board $516
Campus Fee $90
Parking Fee $21
Total $2,565

How do I find out more?

For additional information, contact your academic advisor or the Academic Advising Center.