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Additional Fields of Study

Health and Kinesiology

The Health and Kinesiology program at Young Harris College is firmly based in the liberal arts tradition with an emphasis on the critical thinking and communication skills. We strive to meet an increasing demand for well-educated professionals capable of delivering a broad range of recreational services. Students are prepared to enter the next stage of your education with a strong understanding of the essential components of planning, coordinating, executing and evaluating leisure opportunities and experiences. Students also develop the skills for leisure facilitationthe process of providing and supporting opportunities for people to pursue health and well-being and, in the end, adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Health and Kinesiology is playing an evolving role in the emerging area of fitness, wellness and health promotion and has always been a player in the "prevention" approach to well-being. It is believed that in the next several years technological advances will continue to reduce both time at work and in the household. Due to increased life expectancy and earlier retirement, more than 50 percent of a lifetime could be spent pursuing leisure interests. Providing services to satisfy leisure time is becoming an ever-more important component of our society, so the field of Health and Kinesiology is becoming increasingly lucrative and rewarding.

Physical Education

Physical Education is not just "gym class." At Young Harris College, Physical Education is a process that aims to enhance total human development and performance through the development of knowledge, attitudes, motor skills, self-management skills and confidence needed to adopt and maintain physically active and healthy lifestyles.

Physical Education courses are often taken by students pursuing a bachelor's degree in outdoor leadership, but are also recommended to all students interested in maintaining and developing healthy habits while meeting other students with similar interests and objectives.

For more information on general physical health and education, visit these resources:

Political Science

Political Science is concerned with the theory and practice of politics and the description and analysis of political systems and political behavior. Our courses are designed to make students aware of the continuing questions of politics, and also to explore the institutions and political life of the United States as well as other regions of the world.

Political scientists measure the effectiveness of government policies by examining factors like economic growth, stability and justice. If you want to work in or further study public service or the non-profit sector, political sciences courses will help you along that path. Many students studying business and public policy at YHC gain valuable knowledge from political science courses.

For more information about the field of Political Science, visit The American Political Science Association