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Academic Advising


The Academic Advising Center works with you to see where your interests and talents lie so you can turn your passion into success. Personal reflection and professional inventory teach you a lot about yourself and what you care about. We’ll build on that to help you connect to a major, set a timeline and reach your goals. 

Knowing what coursework is required in your major and what opportunities are advantageous to your path will help you maximize your time at Young Harris College. Having specific steps and customized direction also helps bring you closer to your personal and professional goals more quickly.

You’ll meet with an advisor every semester, but we encourage you to meet as often as you like. This is the time to talk about your academic progress, as well as any issues you may have. During your first two years, your advisor guides you to meet core requirements. Junior and senior year the focus turns to major coursework related to your career path and specific career, plus how to utilize connections and opportunities from faculty.

We help you with:

•          Preregistering and registering for classes
•          Drop/adds, withdrawals and transfers
•          Transcript reviews
•          Choosing and changing majors
•          Finding your career path
•          Referrals to college resources
•          START Orientation information for freshmen
•          Individual conferences for potential students and their families

The Academic Advising Center is open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.