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Presentations, Events & Workshops

Learn about all of the SCC's events and programs on Facebook, Twitter and This Week @ YHC enewsletter. 


Series on Success (SOS)
The Series on Success is a workshop and presentation series focused on academic and career skill-development in addition to networking and professionalism. Learn about the next series offerings on Facebook and Twitter and check out the This Week @ YHC enewsletter.

First-Year Foundation Presentations
Professional and student staff are available to present on career exploration, study skills, and the College Student Inventory in your First-Year Foundations class.

Residence Hall Presentations & Workshops
We can come to your floor and present on topics most relevant to your residents’ needs. RAs are encouraged to request a presentation for SSC staff to facilitate for your next floor gathering!

Presentations Available Soon.


ACE Your Semester
We launch our semesters with an “ACE YOUR SEMESTER” event featuring giveaways, study skill packets, and tips and advice from Academic Coaches. Make it a great semester – and get it started off on the right foot with the SSC!

Career Fairs
We host trips to Atlanta each semester for a career fair and also feature other trips to get you connected with employers within the state. Join us and learn more by following us on Instagram and liking us on Facebook.

Declaration Day
Declaring your major is an exciting experience! The SSC and Student Development hosts an annual event to formalize this important decision.

Finals Frenzy
Don’t be in a frenzy—feel prepared and ready for finals by meeting with an academic coach for tips and ideas on how to best prepare for your final exams and papers!

Major Connections & Information Fair
The Major Connections & Information Fair is hosted annually to share information on the major programs, minor opportunities and beyond the classroom experiences that benefit your experience at YHC.

Open House & SSC Block Party
The SSC staff is excited to support your steps to success. Be sure to visit us during our open house and block party events throughout the year. Giveaways, prizes and other treats will be distributed during these events. Don’t miss out! Drop by for these fun events.

Let's Do Lunch
The Let’s Do Lunch program is designed to encourage faculty and student interaction outside the classroom. The program partners with Grace Rollins Dining Hall and gives undergraduate students a chance to take their professor to lunch for free. Students ask a faculty member out to lunch and then sign out a “Let’s Do Lunch” ticket located in the Student Success Center. The faculty member's meal is covered by the ticket, and the student uses their meal plan to pay for their own meal. This is a great opportunity to discuss class work, career aspirations, or just learn more about a faculty member in a relaxed environment. For more information, contact the Student Success Center