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Services & Student Support

The Student Success Center helps you follow your educational plan and provides any resources you need along the way. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable and confident to do your best at Young Harris College—academically, personally and professionally. 
We work with you to see where your interests and talents lie so you can turn your passion into success. Personal reflection and professional inventory teach you a lot about yourself and what you care about. We’ll build on that to help you connect to a major, set a timeline and reach your goals. 
Knowing what coursework is required in your major and what opportunities are advantageous to your path will help you maximize your time at Young Harris College. Having specific steps and customized direction also helps bring you closer to your personal and professional goals more quickly.
You’ll meet with an advisor every semester, but we encourage you to meet as often as you like. This is the time to talk about your academic progress, as well as any issues you may have. During your first two years, your advisor guides you to meet core requirements. Junior and senior year the focus turns to major coursework related to your career path and specific career, plus how to utilize connections and opportunities from faculty.
From finding a major or career to applying for graduate school or jobs, we collaborate with alumni and employers to bring internship, shadowing and employment opportunities to students and alumni and seek to empower them by developing their individual skills and abilities as competitive candidates for graduate school, professional school or the workplace. 

Academic Advising

We are dedicated to providing you a quality advising experience. Academic advisors seek to promote student success through educating, inspiring and empowering you with your pursuit of academic and career goals. All students are assigned an academic advisor upon admission with the College and will continue to have an academic advisor throughout your four years at YHC. You must attend an academic advising session in order to be approved for course registration. However, you are encouraged to meet with your academic advisor throughout the year, not just during the advising period. Sign up for an appointment to meet with your academic advisor today! Not sure who your advisor is? Contact the Registrar with questions regarding your advisor assignment, specific degree requirements and academic policies.  

Academic Coaching

Meet one-on-one to discuss your academic goals, study skill development and campus resources available at the College. Academic coaching is facilitated by both SSC professional staff and ACE peer coaches. During an academic coaching session, you can discuss academic and/or GPA goals, study skills, time management, and other relevant skills and strategies. We want to help you improve your current studying and course preparation efforts and have you walk away with new skills and strategies to benefit your next steps in college. Academic coaching is for all students with all academic abilities and goals! Make an appointment with an ACE Coach or SSC professional today!  

Academic Recovery

You may have been contacted by the SSC staff because you are on academic probation, have a financial aid warning/probation appeal coaching mandate or are admitted to the College on a waiver. Students on academic probation are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisor throughout the semester to participate in academic coaching and support. Students who are participating in the FAP appeal process are required to meet one-on-one with an SSC professional for three academic coaching sessions. If you are admitted on a waiver, you are strongly encouraged to participate in our academic coaching program within your first six weeks at the College.    

Career Search

Purple Briefcase is our career job and internship posting software that is available to all students at the College. In addition, the SSC works to foster relationships with local community partners to promote internship and job shadowing opportunities. Meet with a SSC staff member for resumé building and interview preparation. We would love to discuss your next steps in the career search process with you. Beyond one-on-one consultations, we host annual events including the Atlanta Career Fair, the Graduate School Fair, Mock Interviews, and an Etiquette Dinner.  

Disability Services

We are committed to providing an environment in which all students are given a reasonable opportunity to learn and work to their full potential. In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the College will provide reasonable accommodations for students with known disabilities. Student Disability Services staff will work with each qualified student to design an individualized and confidential Student Support Plan and to coordinate accommodations throughout the academic term. Additional information is available here.

Early Intervention

The transition to college can be very difficult and the SSC wants to support your steps to do your best each semester. There are times where you may struggle early in the semester and without appropriate support, you may not do well within or outside the classroom. If the center is notified, you will receive outreach from the SSC staff and campus partners for in-class performance (class absence, academic assistance, mid-semester grades, desire to transfer) and out-of-class behavior concerns. 

Internship Experiences

Employers want to see several internship and work experiences prior to you graduating from College. Internships provide you a wealth of experience, skills, and new knowledge to benefit your career decision-making process and your professional network. Many academic programs (majors) will have opportunities to gain class credit for internship experiences. Meet with your faculty advisor and faculty mentors to discuss internship opportunities. You’re always encouraged to participate in an internship either for-credit or not-for-credit. Contact the Student Success Center for more information. 

Peer Leadership in the SCC

We’re always looking for competent and energetic students to serve as peer tutors, peer coaches, and student workers. As a peer leader in the SSC, you will build meaningful relationships with students, serve others in your work, and gain skills and leadership needed for future careers and experiences. Check out our enewsletter, This Week @ YHC, follow us @YHC_Success and like us on Facebook to gain access to application materials throughout the year, as available.

Pre-Professional Services

Interested in a pre-professional field (law, medical, health, vet)? To begin your steps to success, you will want to understand the level of competition within your selected field, prepare adequately and get involved in ways to make you most marketable for your desired program of study. It’s not too soon to start! Discuss your goals with your faculty within your major area and your academic advisor. 


Tutoring is available for all students in several courses. The schedule and locations are updated each semester. We host faculty and peer tutors at the College. Peer tutors are students who have made excellent grades in their classes and who are often majoring in the area they tutor. Drop by or make an appointment today. Check out the Spring 2017 schedule by clicking here.