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Summer Session FAQ

(Note: On-campus Summer Session courses will no longer take place during Summer 2017. Please contact the Office of the Registrar for information on enrolling in eSummer courses.) 

Who should attend?

  • All students with the HOPE Scholarship. The HOPE Scholarship is too good to lose and students on HOPE should do all they can to maintain the GPA necessary to keep the scholarship while in college. Unfortunately, more than half of Georgia students lose HOPE after their freshman year. To combat that trend, many students choose to come in the summer where they can concentrate on a few, crucial courses. This focus enables them to improve grades, while in turn making the rest of the year more manageable. Also, current college students who just miss the B average can, under certain circumstances, regain HOPE by satisfactorily completing coursework in the summer.  A summer term at YHC is, in short, a smart investment for all students protecting HOPE.
  • Entering students without the HOPE Scholarship. The freshman year is a one-time chance to start over academically.  Regardless of high school grades, Georgia students who receive a B average after attempting 30 semester hours in college earn a HOPE Scholarship. In the summer, these students benefit from small classes and the attention of a carefully selected, caring faculty.
  • Athletes. Playing a sport at the college level demands a large part of an athlete’s time and attention. Summer session can help athletes by providing the opportunity to take a few classes before the season begins and reducing the course-load during the season when practice and play are intense. Many athletes benefit by coming in summer.
  • Students in Fine Arts, Business and the Sciences. Some of the most popular programs at the college require that students take a maximum load with few electives. Summer session can take the pressure off by giving the student more time to take classes, and they can even throw in an extra elective course or two!

What is the cost of summer session?

Young Harris College always strives to be affordable for families, and the summer session is no exception. Since students take a reduced load, the tuition for a semester is cut in half. HOPE is available for qualified students taking at least six hours. Payment is due 10 days before classes begin.

Tuition  $3,385
Room $1,010
Board $995
Student Fee $250
TOTAL $5,640

What are the benefits outside the classroom?

Summer session students can take advantage of countless recreational opportunities available in the North Georgia Mountains. They can swim, fish, hike or camp out. The small campus of Young Harris is even cozier in the summer, and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed.

How do I apply for Summer Session?

For information on specific criteria, contact the Office of Admissions at (800) 241-3754 or (706) 379-3111 or Current YHC students should contact their academic advisor to register for Summer Session classes.