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YHC Bucket List

The Division of Student Development recently asked the campus community, “What experiences should every student have while at YHC?” The result is the introduction of the
 “YHC Bucket List” featuring the top 100 things all Young Harris College students should do before graduation.

Have an idea you think should be added to the list? Contact Associate Vice President for Student Development Dr. Bryan Hayse and see if your suggestion makes the list!


Document your experiences using #yhcbucketlist

1. Attend at least one game for each athletic team
2. Go to Cupid Falls
3. Hike to Brasstown Bald from campus (and vice versa)
4. Hang out at Hiawassee Beach
5. Attend Thanksgiving Dinner
6. Go to a theatre production
7. Attend the SGA Spring Formal
8. Sleep in a hammock
9. Dress up at Fall Fest
10. Participate in Homecoming
11. Hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail
12. See a planetarium show or visit the observatory
13. Relax at a CAB Coffee House
14. Sing karaoke
15. Play laser tag on the Plaza
16. Go camping
17. Participate in Underground
18. Take part in a snowball fight
19. Walk the wall during finals
20. Get up to see the sunrise over the mountains
21. Watch/participate in Cheers
22. Get a hug from Ms. Julia
23. Take advantage of $1 pancakes in Hayesville
24. Make a super large cone of soft serve
25. Eat your stress away at Cram Jam
26. Work the haunted house at Fall Fest
27. Attend an opening at the Campus Gate
28. Play Zombies vs. Humans
29. Have a conversation with President Cox
30. Visit the Blood Mountain Country Store
31. Go to Late Night
32. Eat Lucky Charms for dinner
33. Organize a midnight Wal-Mart trip
34. Go to Waffle House at 2am with a group of friends
35. Visit a local state park
36. Hike Bell Mountain
37. See a play in the black box theatre
38. Stay at the Hike Inn
39. Get a Friday morning Chick-fil-A biscuit
40. Walk to Dollar General
41. Go tubing in Helen
42. Own a YHC hoodie
43. Interview for a job
44. Be an officer in a student organization
45. Attend a Coffeehouse performance
46. Attend a Greek Rush event
47. Pull an all nighter
48. Attend Chapel
49. Visit a farmer’s market
50. Play an intramural sport
51. Volunteer at Spring Fest
52. Go sledding
53. Talk to your advisor
54. Go to Rhetorica
55. Visit CAPS
56. Eat in the dining hall during a visitation day
57. Climb the rock wall in the rec center
58. Procrastinate a project until the last minute
59. Take bee-keeping – or some other interesting class not in your major
60. Make a 4.0 one semester
61. Audition for a play
62. Volunteer at a SERVE event
63. Go thrifting
64. Take a group bowling and/or roller-skating
65. Eat at a local restaurant
66. Go to tutoring
67. Take a road trip with a group of friends
68. Attend a local festival (Punkin Chunkin, Opossum Drop, Tractor Parade, etc.)
69. Go to the GA Mountain Fair
70. Watch a meteor shower
71. Play hide and seek in Clegg
72. Hike High Shoals Falls
73. Attend graduation
74. Finish an assignment a week in advance
75. See a concert
76. Go fly fishing
77. Work with the career center to write a resume
78. Go on the Spiritual Life Retreat
79. Visit the Folk School
80. Learn YHC history/traditions
81. Visit a local winery
82. Attend Midnight Madness
83. Visit the President’s Room in the library
84. Get a checkup at Health & Wellness
85. Eat brownie pie with ice cream
86. Gain the freshman 15
87. Work out with a personal trainer at the Rec Center
88. Lose the freshman 15
89. Study Abroad
90. Attend Vespers and Baccalaureate
91. Raft/Kayak down a river
92. Catch a midnight movie showing
93. Visit the predatory beetle lab
94. Get a steak from the baseball team
95. Play ultimate frisbee on the lawn
96. Ring the chapel bell
97. Go to a campus-wide academic lecture
98. Go to a college-sponsored conference
99. Visit “Turtle Rock”
100. Graduate

Click here for a printable version of the bucket list to take with you on your adventures!