As a full-time student who lives on campus, you have three food options: The Grace Rollins Dining Hall, the Balance Café or microwaveable food in your room. The food in the dining hall is quite tasty, but having snacks and microwavable food in your room is a very smart move just in case you have those late nights of homework that keep you from going to dinner. The Grace Rollins Dining Hall offers plenty of different options that vary each day. Similarly, the Balance Café in the Recreation and Fitness Center offers healthy food choices for those looking to minimize their calories.

That being said, the Grace Rollins Dining Hall is the main location to eat on campus. It provides multiple rooms filled with tables and chairs for both students, locals and professors to dine. It is a multi-stationed, buffet-style cafeteria and you can easily serve yourself. Overall, the dining hall provides tons of options to choose from. There’s a salad bar where you can create your own fresh salad and an international bar where pastas, stews and burritos are served. Similarly, there’s the pizza bar where the general pepperoni and cheese pizza can be found along with specialty pizzas. Next to that is the grill where you can find hamburgers, grilled cheeses, french fries, hotdogs and cheese quesadillas. Lastly, there’s the entrée bar where everything from meatloaf to spaghetti to tacos can be found. Even in the mornings, there’s an amazing buffet filled with pancakes, eggs, bacon and much more. If you want to make your own food in the morning, there’re also toasters, cereals and fruits available. Plus, if you need a sugar burst in the afternoon, there’s an amazing ice cream machine and desert counter provided for everyone. The best part about the Grace Rollins Dining Hall, though, is how it brings the whole campus together in one location. It provides a pleasant, comfortable environment for friends to meet and eat together in between their stressful courses.

Another option I mentioned was the Balance Café. It isn’t open as often as the Dining Hall is, but it definitely is worth the trip if you love subs and coffee. For each swipe of your card, you can get a sandwich or salad, 2 side items, one dessert item, and either a water or a juice. They offer a variety of salads including chicken caesar, Greek, garden and red potato. Plus, they sell fruit and vegetable cups along with yogurts. The Café also sells Starbucks coffee and other foods to those who need a little energy to help survive a long day.

Everything you’ll find on campus is delicious and there is food to meet everyone’s needs—even vegans and vegetarians! The dining hall staff is amazing and is always sweet enough to ask your how your day has been or whether you had a good weekend or not. No matter option you choose, you won’t be disappointed.