Here at Young Harris College, there’s quite a lot of commuters who live nearby and travel back and forth for their classes. Many of the on-campus residents live 30 minutes to an hour from campus, allowing them to take a short drive home each weekend to visit their families. I, for one, am extremely jealous of them. Those that choose to stay on campus over the weekends, though, have the opportunity to enjoy the events and relaxation YHC provides. So, I’m here to say don’t dread the weekends if you have nothing scheduled with your friends. There’s always plenty to do on campus. 

With stressful weeks filled with homework and studying, it doesn’t hurt to spend an entire day winding down and having some fun. Luckily, Young Harris provides the perfect environment to do just that. As I mentioned in a previous blog, people get together on the lawn all the time to play Ultimate Frisbee or football. Right up the road behind campus is a beautiful park and creek area for everyone to enjoy. Although there are events that take place everywhere, this blog will focus on easygoing weekends activities that students love.

A lot of students relieve their stress by lounging on the lawn—just don’t forget your blanket, bug spray and sunscreen! It’s an easy way for friends to spend time together while listening to music and doing homework. It allows you to appreciate the mountains around you and how beautiful the campus truly is. Whether you like to take naps in the sun or have a small picnic, it’s a great way to waste a day and get things done.

Another popular activity to take part in on campus is “Eno-ing.” For those who don’t know, an Eno is a hammock that can attach to poles and trees. I’ve found this is an amazing way to relax in a quiet environment while studying on your computer or reading a book. YHC provides multiple locations for students to hook up their Enos with a group. There are poles behind Enotah Hall, a gazebo next to the Susan B. Harris Chapel and many trees available around campus. You can take your pick—all of the locations are great and bring students together in a unique way.

The campus itself provides tons of peaceful entertainment. There are plenty of spots to sit and relax around campus. There are swings near the gazebo I mentioned earlier, and each residence hall provides comfortable sitting areas that include tables and chairs. There are even rocking chairs outside the Myers Student Center and Appleby Center. 

It really is important for students to stay on campus over the weekends. One of the main reasons college exists is so students can live on their own and get used to the freedom and responsibility necessary to succeed in the future. I know most people miss their parents, but you’re missing out on some amazing experiences by leaving this beautiful campus.