Young Harris College provides beautiful scenery and plenty of sidewalks for students to find their way to class each day. Depending on your major and preference of core classes, there’s a good chance that your classes will be spread out. Luckily, everything is relatively close together and minimizes the amount of walking—or running—you do between places. Finding your way around campus is much easier than you may think. 

Most of YHC’s buildings can be found in the central part of campus, including the residence halls, Grace Rollins Dining Hall, Duckworth Library and several academic buildings. Everything on campus generally revolves around the lawn and the plaza. The lawn also provides shortcuts between areas! Academic buildings such as Goolsby Center, Clegg Fine Arts Building and Maxwell Center sit closer to the front of campus while the residence halls and Recreation and Fitness Center are found closer to the back. One of my favorite things, though, is the fact that most of my classes are only a short walk from the dining hall or The Towers. It allows me to get to places on time or early—sometimes too early—to avoid being that awkward person who walks in after a professor’s lecture has started. This part of campus is also the most crowded area because people are either heading to class or hanging out with their friends. People even ride bikes, scooters and skateboards around the plaza and lawn to quickly get to where they need to go. You’re always bound to run into someone you know.

There are a few outlying buildings on campus. The “Old Brown Store” was recently transformed into mathematics classrooms. It is on the main highway leading to campus, along with the Fine Arts Annex, Center for Appalachian Studies and Community Engagement and the Department of Athletics offices. The Outdoor Leadership Center is closer to the back of campus. I walk over to the Fine Arts Annex and Old Brown Store on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for classes. 

Athletics are a big part of campus life. Many of the athletic fields can be found close to The Village and the Recreation and Fitness Center, including the E.D. Rivers Softball Field, the Zell B. Miller Baseball Field, the Frances W. Wilson Soccer and Lacrosse Field, the Bob and Gail Nichols Tennis Complex and an intramurals field. 

Each YHC student is able to bring a car and park it somewhere on campus. There are multiple parking lots throughout campus, and it’s a great luxury to be able to drive to the nearby towns for food and shopping. 

If you haven’t visited campus for yourself, I recommend scheduling a tour. It’s definitely worth your time—especially now when the leaves are beautiful—to look around and see the things I’ve mentioned. Young Harris’ tight-knit campus has already helped me create close relationships with my friends, co-workers and professors.