I just started attending Young Harris College in August. Some people might say, “There’s no way someone can write about college after only being there for a month.” Well, I beg to differ, because the entire experience has been life changing for me, and I’ve already learned so much. 
I’ve gained a sense of freedom I didn’t have before when I relied on my parents for everything. Academically, the Advanced Placement classes I took in high school prepared me for the courses I’m taking right now, yet each class still offers a challenge. Despite my quiet personality, I’ve found myself randomly talking to other students I don’t know just to introduce myself. Ultimately, I’m beginning to realize who I am, and it’s a great feeling.
In this blog, I plan on sharing my experiences and findings in order to inform future students of what they’d be missing out on if they don’t choose Young Harris. Although brochures and campus tours are nice, they only scratch the surface of what college is truly like. My goal, as a current student and as the author of this blog, is to be relatable and give honest advice about what to expect as a YHC student. 
As the weeks go on, I’m going to write about multiple things. I’ll touch on my academic courses and how they require you to ask “why” and “how.” I’ll write about what type of social events happen around campus and how easy it is to meet new people. There are plenty of other things I will mention as time goes on, but if there’s something specific that you want me to highlight, leave a comment below. I will try my best to answer your questions in upcoming posts—and if I don’t know an answer, I will definitely research it and let you know within a reasonable timeframe.
That being said, I can’t wait to tell you all about how great Young Harris College is. It’s one of the best colleges in the state of Georgia—in one of the best locations. In my eyes, it’s the College you fall in love with so much that you don’t even want to leave on the weekends!