One of the perks of college is being able to live on your own. It’s an amazing feeling to know you are learning the basics of how to provide for yourself. You may get sick, have to do your own laundry and pick up your own mail, but there are people on campus to help you get used to the routine of living on your own.  

The various academic-service offices throughout campus provide assistance to students, including the Academic Success Center which provides tutoring and special seminars, in addition to many other programs. They also have several computers and free printing. There is also the Center for Writing and Speaking, which is part of the College’s Rhetorica program. The folks in the center help with essay writing and will go over speech techniques with you. Another great resource is Duckworth Library, which provides computers and numerous resources for research. The staff also help students find books, and will check citations when writing. It even has 24-hour center that provides a comfortable study for those all-nighters. The Office of Academic Advising meets with students at least twice a year to schedule classes, but they are also available if students have worries about present or future classes. There are even free tutoring options provided by each department here on campus. It's a blessing to have such resources at the deposal of students. They are on campus solely to help us succeed. 

Aside from the academic programs, there are other services available for students. The Health and Wellness Services and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Center are housed in the basement of Appleby Center Residence Hall. If you are feeling ill, these are the offices to visit! 

Another helpful office is the Office of Information Technology. They assist with any issues the campus community may have with computers or the internet.

There are numerous other offices that provide help to students on campus—it’s just a matter of finding them.