One of the most important aspects of enjoying college to the fullest is having an active social life. Whether that’s being involved in clubs or hanging out with newfound friends, there’s plenty to do on campus even when you have no plans at all.

Take me, for example. I’m somewhat shy when it comes to trying new things and putting myself out there. Surprisingly, though, Young Harris has been able to open me up to being more adventurous. That being said, I decided to join some clubs in order to get involved, and one really caught my eye. It was the G.A.M.I.N.G. (Grand Association of Mountain Lions Interested in Nerd Gaming) Club, created this year by my friend Rachel. Like the name implies, we simply play all types of video games on various consoles and have a great time hanging out together. Whether it’s Mario Kart on the Wii or Call of Duty on the Xbox, anyone can come and play. Things get quite competitive in the room, but everyone finds a way to share, even when things get tough. If anyone’s interested, the meetings are Monday nights from 7-9 p.m. in Myers Student Center. Even if you aren’t that great at gaming, come anyway! You’ll meet tons of new people who share a common interest and will gladly help someone who doesn’t know quite how to play.

Likewise, there are multiple groups on campus that plan events every week in order to keep the students involved. One major group that plans activities is the Campus Activities Board (CAB). The work this group has done thus far has blown me away. Out of the events they’ve had, I’ve attended two Coffee House events, a lip sync contest, an ’80s prom and a glow party. Each was extremely fun and gave me time to hang out with my friends. Plus, there’s other events I heard were amazing like the Toga Party, the Foam Party, the root beer float stand and the poster sale. Everyone on campus knows the things CAB hosts are a blast and provide plenty of memories with friends.


Other aspects of the campus community like the YHC Outdoor Adventures program, Greek life, and residence life each have their own and provide the opportunity to get involved and have the time of your life.

YHC Outdoor Adventures mainly focuses on getting students outdoors and enjoying the beauty of the campus and the mountains. I attended a picnic a few weekends ago with my friend and had an awesome time. We played volleyball and had a cookout afterwards. Greek Life offers a social outlet for students on campus, while promoting scholarship and philanthropy. Lastly, the resident assistants in each of the residence halls plan events for students living under their care. It’s a perfect way to meet your neighbors and get along with them better. In The Towers, a few RAs hosted a cool “Create Your Own Dream Catcher” event.

I encourage current and prospective students to get involved on campus because it makes the whole experience more interesting and less stressful. There’s something for everyone at YHC.