I've always wanted to teach. In grade school, I finished my work as quickly as possible in hopes my teacher would let me help the other students. I've been lucky enough to have been raised with a high regard for education and learning. So, I came to YHC to study education. I started off in music education, but switched to early childhood education with an art minor shortly after. I then changed gears and went for a psychology minor.

Realizing that I had never strayed away from education, I had to ask myself what the purpose of the minor was. Was I taking these extra classes for enjoyment, to impress future employers or to support my major? Music and art are very much interests of mine, but more of hobbies I like to escape to. Psychology is also an interest of mine and I feel it could support my major in that it gives me insight on how brains work. 

The idea of using my resources for professional development in order to be a fierce competitor in the workplace was eye-opening for me. I enjoy my education classes and the experiences I have gotten through observations and student teaching, but there is more I can do to prepare myself for the post-graduation phase. A psychology minor gives me a background that I can use when interviewing for a teaching job or when applying for graduate school.

Picking a minor can be difficult (and not always necessary), but it can also give you more experiences and knowledge outside of your core studies. Even outside of class there are lecture series and faculty "tell-all" presentations that give students an opportunity to prepare for interviews, graduate school, and so much more. Take advantage!