In high school, I wasn’t very involved, my grades were average and I spent a lot of time at home with my TV. During senior year, I saw myself as no one important—someone with no special talents or unique characteristics. So when I came to college, I assumed it would be the same. I would not stand out, and definitely would not make an impact. I soon discovered I was dead wrong.

My sophomore year at YHC, after I got the hang of college classes and living away from my parents, I decided to join a sorority to find a group of friends I could depend on to support me throughout my time here. What I got out of this experience was inspiring. I found myself. 

After one semester in my sorority, I became vice president and learned how to run meetings and handle the business of an organization. Let me tell you, this is not just a group of girls that throw parties. My time management skills skyrocketed as I made time for sorority activities while also staying on top of classwork. Last semester, I was voted in as president. I was honored that these girls wanted me to lead them and represent them on campus. I had so many ideas to help the sorority grow and this was my pathway to enacting them. Through this role, I gained leadership skills I never knew I was capable of. I made friends with so many other Greeks through collaboration and friendly competition. And now, I sit back and smile because I know exactly who I am and who I want to be.

Social organizations at YHC do not force anyone into a pre-set idea of who they should be. They build confidence in order for members to find themselves. Sigma Beta Sigma has so many different types of people with different goals and values—that’s what makes it work so well. Just like in the real world, people will have different backgrounds and viewpoints, and you have to learn how to collaborate and cooperate. I believe the most important asset after college, in order to succeed in a professional world, is knowing who you are—your values and beliefs—and the ability to consider others’ values and beliefs. Young Harris College is a perfect place to foster that.