Last week was Greek Week, where fraternities and sororities compete to win bragging rights and a pretty nice trophy. Last year, the sorority I am the president of, Sigma Beta Sigma (also known as “Susan Bs”), placed last. It was a good effort that was poorly executed. But this year was different. This year, we won alongside the Alpha Xi fraternity!

It was really fun to get together with other Greeks, even though it can get heated. We started off the week on Sunday with a kickball tournament where the Susan Bs were paired with Kappa Tau Omega. It was an intense battle and we came out on top!

The next night, we gathered to play our own version of Family Feud. We all sat around eating dinner and talking, and the game was really fun. On Tuesday we had a scavenger hunt-type game called the “Amazing Race” and then there was the vespers chapel service on Wednesday.

Thursday was my favorite day because we had the talent show and the week’s winners were announced. The Susan Bs did a very creative “out-of-water synchronized swimming routine” and placed third.

When we found out we won the overall competition, I was so proud that I can now brag on my sorority—but I’m even more proud of the family atmosphere among our College’s Greek community. We are all friends an enjoy getting together for dances, fundraisers and especially friendly competitions like Greek Week.