Yesterday I was able to represent YHC’s chapter of SPAGE (Student Professional Association of Georgia Educators) in a Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) meeting. The Education Department at YHC got together with principals, administrators, and teachers from Towns and Union counties schools.

We discussed goals to continuously improve the program to produce competitively qualified teachers. I was able to give a unique perspective that the teachers and administrators valued. Plus, it was an awesome opportunity to network! In a year, I may be sitting down to an interview with one of these council members.

Just as I have these opportunities in my own field, Young Harris College has a variety of opportunities like this in every area of study. It is a way to show your professors and possible future employers your competitive edge and get ahead of the game. 

There are many ways to prepare yourself for the professional world outside of the classroom. I am so thankful that I attend a school that can give individual students such unique opportunities to succeed in their goals.