Finals are very quickly approaching, and with them, loads of stress. I have a final in all five classes I am taking this semester. Two of them take place on Friday, and I am not looking forward to that. Anyway, I am just going to talk a little about finals at Young Harris College.

I have joked that finals week is my favorite week of school because there is so much free time. You have to study like crazy for the finals you do have, but the rest of the week is class-free. The testing schedule is posted on the school’s website, and you just have to show up to take each final in a specific location.

After you are done with one, you give a huge sigh of relief and then move on to the next. During my freshman year, I had all of my finals on three days so the rest of my week was glorious. Finals week begins with “Reading Day,” which is simply a day off to prepare for any finals that take place on Friday. If you don’t have a Friday final, then this could essentially be a day off.

All in all, finals are not nearly as bad as people would have you think, but rather just something that should be taken seriously. If you concentrate, study and make sure you are prepared, then the rest of finals week can be used to hang out, play video games, chill on the lawn and get ready for summer.

Hope you all are having a great week!