Hi all! First off, thanks for reading my first post! I work in the YHC Office of Admissions as a Student Representative, which means I answer phones, give tours and regularly interact with prospective students. Now I am actually writing to them as well through this blog, which is an interesting and nice change of atmosphere. Anyway, I have been pondering what I should cover in this first post and figured why not just start at the beginning...

I am the eighth generation in Suches, a tiny town with a population of less than 2,000 people. I went to Woody Gap School, the smallest public school in the state with a graduating class consisting of a whopping 12 people. I played basketball and tennis, and was very involved in student council and a number of other clubs. I have three sisters: Amanda, 16, Rebecca, 15, and Kaitlyn, 10. I am the oldest and the only guy. My dad still calls me from time to time to tell me how he can really tell that I don't live at home anymore. I play bluegrass fiddle, mandolin and guitar, and I absolutely love the magnificent beauty of the mountains. While I've lived in (and loved) the mountains my entire life, I really cannot see myself living here 10 years from now. I have a traveler’s soul, and I will go wherever my career takes me. But that’s another conversation for another day.

When I began to look at colleges midway through high school, I had the same conversations many prospective students have in relation to the local options. “There is no way I am going to YHC. It's too close! My parents will never leave me alone! I won't feel like I'm away at college! It just won't be fun.” Man, was I wrong.

My school came to Young Harris for a tour during my senior year. My parents had talked me into giving it a chance, and I was very surprised when I arrived on campus. The students here were so friendly, class sizes were familiar to me, professors all seemed genuine. I had a change of heart and applied. Even then, I wasn't 100 percent convinced until I came to START Orientation over the summer. During START, all new students stay on campus for a weekend, meet part of their freshmen class and get a taste of college life. I made so many friends during that weekend, and it absolutely changed my mind about Young Harris College. I ended up hanging out with new friends in the rocking chairs in front of Appleby Center until 3 a.m. and then went on the first of what would become many, many trips to Waffle House at 4 in the morning.

That weekend essentially changed my life. I fell in love with Young Harris College, and now I never want to leave. As a tour guide, it’s easy to talk about how much I love this place. Anyway, I better get on with it before I start to reminisce and cry about how I graduate in two years.

Back to the present! I am a sophomore biology major with a concentration in pre-med, as well as both a chemistry and business minor. That may seem like a little much, but I have crazy dreams, so why not have a crazy academic workload? Biology is probably one of the most difficult academic majors at Young Harris. I aspire to become an ophthalmologist, so I am preparing for med school and all that comes along with that. I will probably write a post or two about pre-med, med school, ophthalmology, etc., in this blog, so keep a lookout if you’re interested in that. I am very involved on campus, so I’m definitely looking forward to writing about Greek life, student clubs, religious life, living on campus and all the other awesome stuff we do here.

I better stop writing before I tell you my life story – I need to save something for my next post! Thanks for reading and feel free to look me up on Facebook or shoot me an email. Already looking forward to next week. Take care!


Corey Helton