Ah, prom season is in the air! Expensive dresses, tuxedos, corsages and borrowed cars. It all feels so familiar. If you are in high school and already getting nostalgic about attending this memorable event, I have good news for you! Young Harris College practically has a prom of its own!

Every year, the Student Government Association’s freshman committee throws Spring Formal, a free event for all students that is a blast every year. Everyone loves a chance to get dressed up, and the whole school comes out to the swanky Brasstown Valley Resort down the street from the College. YHC hires a DJ, and foods and drinks are served. (If you are a senior, you get a double night of fun because YHC also hosts a Senior Celebration Dinner beforehand.)

College formals feel different than they did in high school. It doesn't feel so strict, and it doesn't have to be as perfect as you thought it did in high school. You feel free to eat at a less expensive restaurant, show up late and not rent a tux. Honestly, I think it is more fun this way. It is less stressful, which means you are more relaxed and feel free to just dance and have a great time.

This year, my friends made even less big of a deal about it than last year. My girlfriend and I went to Brothers Restaurant in Young Harris and arrived about an hour after the event started. We danced with each other and friends and had a great time.

College is the transition period between childhood and adulthood. Enjoy all of these experiences, as if they are your last. But don't be stressed by them! Take one day at a time and enjoy everything while you’re in college. I can’t believe I am a sophomore and already done with two years—but at least I know I have two more Spring Formals to attend during my time at YHC!