Where has this year gone? I just finished 50 percent of my college career! Can I give you some advice? Enjoy every single minute because it sure does fly by. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in the big white rocking chairs in front of Appleby Center at 4 a.m. waiting to begin START Orientation.

This year has been busy, but it has also been amazing. I am one step closer to graduation and medical school, but I am not quite sure whether to be happy, sad, nostalgic or indifferent. The people at YHC truly are my family, and this year’s tears were even worse than last year’s. I had to say goodbye to friends that I had gotten to know deeply over the last two years. Brothers, sisters, friends and buddies all walked across that stage at Commencement this year, and I cannot help but reflect on the memories we shared together.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog each week. I know that I have enjoyed writing it. I hope you all have a great summer, and hopefully I will run into someone next year that actually read some of my blogs!

I just got an email from a wonderfully kind alumnus thanking me for writing this blog. So sir, if you are reading this, I thank you for your praise. Have a great summer, folks.