Well, folks, this week has been pretty average. I had midterms in all of my classes before spring break so I have not had anything too tough to eat up all of my study time. However, I've has been surprisingly busy with Alpha Omega stuff. This is the last week of education period for all Greeks so we are just preparing to welcome all of our new members into the organization. Tomorrow we are having a cookout to celebrate the accomplishment. Other than that, I have just been covering new material in all of my classes and working on semester long projects. Classes, the gym, homework and meetings have pretty much taken up my entire week.

I am also already busy making plans for the upcoming summer. Part-time jobs, camp counselors, mission trips and vacations generally fill the summers for college students. It is great having the time off, but honestly I love coming back to Young Harris when August rolls around. This year I am going on a mission trip to Guatemala for five weeks for the first part of the summer and then hopefully taking summer courses for the remainder of the time. Getting ahead in classes between the spring and fall semesters can significantly lighten the load and keep you on track for your degree.

College life can be busy even when there aren't too many academic obligations. I know that my post this week is pretty short compared to my previous ones, but I am sure there will be much more to say in the upcoming weeks before the semester ends. I hope that you are all having a great week!