When I first came to college in 2010, I wondered what I would do when I was not playing softball. At first, I would nap. I took anywhere from five-minute naps all the way to three-hour naps almost every day of my freshman year. However, when I came back sophomore year, I realized that there was so much more to do. I lived in the mountains! I needed to go out and explore.

During the last two years, I have found so many amazing places to go hang out, such as waterfalls, lookouts, cool thrift shops and great fishing areas—but don't ask me where they are because I cannot remember.

When my friends and I are sitting in the living room and start to feel a little bored, one of use usually yells out, “Adventure time!” Right then and there, we all hop into a car and just drive somewhere. After finding a cool place or doing something crazy, the fun thing is trying to remember how to get back to campus.

I will never forget the time we thought we were going to be stranded in the middle of the woods. We had decided to go off-roading a day after it had rained a large amount. Now, if anyone knows anything about off-roading, you know that without a four-wheel drive vehicle with good all-terrain tires, you will not make it very far. I knew this small detail, but yet I still took my Jeep out there. Now you might say: “You have a Jeep, you'll be fine.” Wrong.

Even though my Jeep Liberty is a four-wheel drive, I have the worst tires known to man on it. After, about an hour of roughing around through the mud and rocks, we came to a part of the road that made my stomach drop the second I saw it because there was no way my car was going to make it through or turn around and go out the way we came. The ground was too wet for my car to make it up some of the hills.

Thankfully, my friend had seen a gate not too far back. As we walked towards it and began to actually look, we saw that the gate had a lock on it. But since my friends love to make serious situations a tad bit funny, one decided to pretend like she was the bearded lady and rip open the gate. Well, folks, she ripped it right off the pole it was on. I was blown away—we had been saved! Later on, in order to keep my friend from getting a big head, we came to the conclusion that the gate was already broken and it was just there for looks. Five hours later, we made it back to campus safe and sound.

This story just goes to show that living at Young Harris College gives you so many chances to be outside and go on adventures—no matter how random they may be. I wish I had begun exploring my freshman year and not slept the time away. From the minute you step on campus, remember that your adventure is already beginning.

“Live the life you love.”