Have you even done something that was a lot of fun with your friends and reflected on it a year later? You either realize how much fun it really was and want to do it again, or you realize how much has changed in that short time—and sometimes, you get a mixture of both. I actually did this not too long ago. Last Easter, I had some friends over to my house for a good home-cooked dinner, bonfire and a couple of movies. We had a blast. We were so relaxed and just having a good time. The sad thing is, I do not get to see some of the girls that were there as much as I would like to now since they are no longer close by, even though we still talk and hang out as much as possible.

My roommate and I were having another one of our meaningful conversations the other night, and we came to the realization that even though we are not as close to some of the people we used to hang out with, we still wouldn’t change a thing. There is a reason why they came into our lives, even if it was just for a short time. I’m going to be honest—I wasn’t fully listening to what my roommate was saying the whole time (but if she asks, tell her I was), because I started to think about how much things have changed and how many memories I have made with some great people. Although it makes me happy thinking about everything, it also makes me sad because it makes me miss some people who are still very important to me.

The other weekend, my boyfriend and I went on an adventure to find a waterfall—not just any waterfall, a 100-foot-tall one. Four hours later, we found it. While I was standing at the base of the waterfall, I looked up and saw the sun trying to poke through the clouds. As the rays came through, they landed right on me and started moving up the side of the waterfall. I felt like God was trying to tell me something, but I couldn't put my finger on it. So, naturally, we climbed up the side of the waterfall as if He told us to. When we got up to the top, nothing happened. Sure, it was beautiful—but I thought for sure that something miraculous was going to happen. After we walked back down and stood there for a minute, I suddenly realized that every journey comes to end. I believe friendships are like “mini journeys.” You learn things, explore emotions and help each other out just like you would on a journey through life.

I have said this a couple times in my blog, but I am going to say it again. College is about learning. If you had asked me anything about friendships in high school, I would have not come close to saying they were “journeys.” But that is exactly what I have realized over time. Throughout my three years at Young Harris College, I have learned how important friendships are—and how much more important those memories you created together are.

Live the life you love.