Last week, there was a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Rollins Campus Center. After a whole school year of listening to construction and watching the old Dobbs McEachern Gym and Rollins and an old residence hall get taken down, they are finally starting to construct this new building in the center of campus. I have been told that this new center will be the home of a new library, dining hall, offices and even a Starbucks!

For me, this means a lot of changes. During my freshman year, we had just opened the new Recreation and Fitness Center, and the Village apartments complex had not even started to be built. Now people are used to working out and going to basketball games in this awesome space and living with friends in nice apartments with kitchens and washers and dryers—all of the things an upperclassmen needs.

The College is also building a new residence hall that is just for freshmen, which is also crazy to think about. New students arriving this fall will be making memories in a completely new spot that will be around for years to come. There are so many more housing options for students now than there were just a short time ago.

So many things have changed on this campus since I first arrived, but it is all for the good. With all these changes, Young Harris College feels like a premier place that is constantly growing. My senior year is going to be amazing. I am living with some of my best friends again, and I already cannot wait until next August rolls around.

Most people are afraid of change because it’s different. Some people like the “traditional way” of doing things, but I think you have to embrace the changes. The world is changing, and even though Young Harris is a small town in the north Georgia mountains, we have to change along with it. I am already looking forward to coming back as an alumna after I graduate to see what has become of this beautiful campus.

“Live to life you love.”