Summer is finally here! Well, it's actually just finals week but still... summer! Even though my schedule is jam packed with things to do, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and that is the only thing that keeps me going. Finals week is usually the most stressful time of the entire year. Everything is due the week before, and then the actual tests are given the next week. Many people end up pulling all-nighters. I’ll admit that I’ve pulled a couple myself during freshman year. That was the worst mistake ever. Even though I got my paper done and completed my study guide, I could not remember anything that I had looked at the night before because I was so tired. I literally fell asleep during my test. I would never suggest pulling an all-nighter. What you need to do is take naps every once in a while. What I usually do is study for two hours, and then I take a 30-minute nap. Obviously you can change it to fit your lifestyle, but that's what works for me.

There are actually ways to not stress out over everything. Time management is the most important skill for a college student to learn. If you learn this, you will not be as stressed as you would have been otherwise. I wish someone would have told me about time management years ago. It took me three years to understand how to do it. There is a difference between knowing that you have to do it and knowing how to do it.

Summer is my absolute favorite time of year—the sun is shining, we get to go on the boat and I can sit by the pool with no worries in the world. However, I am going to miss everyone over the summer. My friends and I spend every day together for eight months, and then we don't see each other at all for three months.

It saddens me to say, but this will be my last blog for the semester. It has been a blast writing and telling everyone what goes on at Young Harris College. Although I mostly wrote about things in my life, they are things that almost every other student on the YHC campus can relate to. The stress, the fun, the good times and the bad—it happens to us all. College is what you make it, so make it your best.

Thank you for reading along,

God bless,

Kali Shimmin