One of the most notable things about being a senior is the fact that I have had the opportunity to be involved in the YHC campus community for a little over three years.

Although most are aware of the construction of the new Rollins Campus Center, other changes may not be so obvious to visitors or newer students. It’s amazing how much the campus has changed and grown in the few years I have lived here. One of my favorite buildings was the Winship Residence Hall, where I met the majority of my friends during my freshman year at YHC. Winship, in fact, is where I met my boyfriend, Daniel. A few of our mutual friends actually lived in the dorm and we happened to be in their room at the same time. I remember Daniel was attempting to play guitar while some of us talked. He kept strumming chords every time someone tried to say something, and I remember thinking what a goof he was! After that, we got to know each other, and eventually started dating. For that reason, Winship will always hold a special place in my heart, even though it was torn down my junior year. Winship was a place for me and my friends to meet up after class, study and just hang out—it truly produced a lot of fond memories!

The old outdoor basketball court also held a lot of memories for me. This was recently replaced by The Towers, the newest residence hall, but was a place where people would gravitate to, and watch a pick-up basketball game or play. I can’t say I actually played a legitimate game here, but my friends and I did at least try to shoot the ball around on cool mountain days. It was a nice way to enjoy the fall weather while socializing with people who would walk by. 

I will also have memories of the old spots on campus, but I’m excited to see how much more YHC will grow after I graduate. All of the new additions greatly enhance the value of Young Harris College and I’m thankful I am able to take advantage of all they have to offer while I am a student here. The best part about experiencing so much change is that I can reflect on the memories I have made and truly discover the places that most impact my love of YHC. 

Until next week,