Hi everyone! 

There has been a noticeable change in the air this week. I hate to say it, but summer is officially over and the cool fall weather is setting in. I can’t be too upset by this because Young Harris is, without a doubt, the best place to be during this season. 

Driving around town, I noticed a few leaves were already starting to change colors. Soon the mountains will be painted with hues of red, orange and yellow, and people on campus will slowly be bundling up in coats, scarves and boots. This is a great time to make a visit to YHC and witness the picturesque scenery for yourself! 

There’s a lot happening on campus during the fall. Family Weekend is always held when the leaves are at their peak, so families can enjoy the beautiful north Georgia mountain scenery. This is the perfect time for students to introduce their families to professors and give them an overall feel of life at YHC. I always love it when my mom and brother come to visit because they get to be around my friends and learn about new things going on at the College. 

Another event YHC offers in the fall is Homecoming, which is my favorite weekend of the year because students, alumni and friends of the College are all a part of it. Everyone who loves YHC comes together to celebrate the opening home game of the Mountain Lions basketball teams. The weekend begins with a pep rally and huge bonfire to get everyone pumped up with school spirit. On Saturday, student organizations and local businesses parade floats through campus. For the past two years, I’ve participated in the parade. It’s so much fun to decorate your float according to the theme of Homecoming and then have it displayed for everyone. Last year’s theme was “A Blast from the Past,” and the Student Government Association decorated our float with things that reminded us of our childhood such as Uno cards, cassettes and boy band names.

After the parade, the lawn in the middle of campus is set up with tables and everyone gathers for a delicious catered lunch. It’s a great way for students to mingle with alumni and get to hear stories about past YHC adventures. After the picnic, everyone makes their way to the “Valley of Doom” for the men’s and women’s basketball games. There is so much energy built up for this event, it’s hard not to get swept up in the excitement. Everyone is cheering on the beloved Mountain Lions, hoping for a victory to kick off the season! 

Summer may be over, but the change of fall is bringing a lot of excitement to YHC. I can’t wait for the crisp mountain air and vibrant leaves to attract new and old friends to the mountains.


Until next week,