Hi everyone! 

This past summer, I participated in YHC’s Summer Session for the second time. The program usually runs from mid-June to mid-July, and it’s a great way for returning students to stay ahead on credit hours and improve their GPA. It can also be beneficial to freshmen who want to experience the college lifestyle a little early, get acclimated with the campus and dive in to classes.

I chose to enroll in summer classes so I could lighten my load a little during the normal academic year. YHC is known for their small class sizes and professors who truly care about their students, and this is exemplified even more during Summer Session. 

During my first Summer Session in 2012, I enrolled in “Elementary Spanish II” and “Introduction to the Solar System.” My Spanish class had only two other people in it. I was able to ask all of the questions I needed to in order to understand the material, and our professor was extremely accommodating to our needs since there were so few of us in the class. It was truly the ideal learning environment because we got so much extra attention.

In my astronomy class, we had several outdoor labs at the YHC Observatory located at Brasstown Valley Resort. Since it was summertime, we were able to view an entirely different set of constellations than the students who took the course in the fall or spring—another unique experience for Summer Session students.

I recently took “Intermediate Spanish I” and “Introduction to Human Communication.” Both classes had fairly small class sizes, and my professors were willing to go above and beyond to ensure we understood the course information. 

Since Summer Session at YHC is only a month long, it can be fairly fast paced. I wouldn’t recommend taking more than six credit hours since it’s such a short amount of time, but the experience as a whole is definitely worth it. In addition to classes, the program offers students a rare opportunity to explore campus and the local community during the quiet of summer.

On the first day of Summer Session, every student gets a T-shirt and a list of activities the College has planned for students while they are on campus. This year’s activities included a free wing night at a local restaurant, a ticket to the Taste of Southern Highlands (a local tasting event to raise money for charity), several free movie nights and even a trip to see the Atlanta Braves play! 

During this time, the campus generally has a more relaxed feel. The campus is less crowded, so it’s a great time to get to know other students and make new friends. One of my absolute favorite things to do after class was go out on Lake Chatuge on my boyfriend’s boat. It was a nice way to unwind in between going to class and studying. I even learned how to wakeboard this summer!


YHC Summer Session was one of my favorites times at the College, and I highly recommend it to new and returning students. It’s a great way to get ahead on credit hours and, trust me, it certainly can improve your GPA. You never know what rare and exciting opportunities Summer Session has to offer because each year is different.

Until next week,