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Monica Lewis Asks Janet Adams

Student Alumni Ambassador Monica Lewis, a senior theatre major from Dacula, recently asked Class Coordinator Janet Adams, ’62, of Commerce, where she liked to study during her time at YHC.

Monica: We are all starting to think about homework and tests since the fall semester will begin shortly. I normally study in the Academic Success Center or Goolsby because both are quiet and I’m less likely to be interrupted by visitors. Where did you choose to study as a student?

Janet: My favorite place to study was the library. In fact, it was the only place for me to study! There was not much privacy in my residence hall, as we had three occupants per room during my freshman and sophomore years. Mrs. Jones, assisted by Mrs. Dowis, was in charge of the library and we didn’t have to worry about a quiet place with those two walking around. They were constantly checking to be sure we were all on task and had nothing with us except our “school” books—no snacks or comics. Both ladies were very helpful to us if we needed to do research. Keep in mind we did not have Internet—no Google, no iPads, no cell phones, no social media.

My father and I were told by my high school counselor that I shouldn’t attend college due to low scores on my entrance exams. Thankfully, our Methodist minister thought otherwise and got me to YHC where I took remedial courses in English and math. I was determined to do well academically and spent many hours studying. The ironic thing about my not being “qualified” to go to college is that I became the first president of Phi Theta Kappa honor society and completed three degrees. Studying was a necessity for me, and I’m so thankful there was and is a place for that to happen.