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Megan Aligheri Asks Nancy Couch

Megan Jacqueline Aligheri, a freshman biology major from Cumming, recently asked Nancy Couch, ’71, of Dallas, how she enjoyed spending her weekends as a student.


Megan: During my first year at YHC, my friends and I created a Friday night ritual where we saw a movie in Hiawassee and then ate at Huddle House afterwards. We also love to go to the top of Brasstown Bald and Bell Mountain on the weekend—although sometimes I just set up a hammock outside of Enotah Hall on campus instead. How did you and your friends spend your weekends at YHC?

Nancy: My weekends during my two years at YHC were absolutely my favorite of my entire life. No one ever wanted to go home. There was never a moment that was not the best fun ever, even being snowed in during the winter and walking through a winter wonderland to Todd and Helen Kimseys’ house. Todd, who used to teach biology at YHC, would bring us in from the cold and feed us cookies and hot chocolate. We also went sledding on the giant hill in front of President Dr. Doug Sasser’s home. One spring, we went to the cow pasture in Hiawassee where the drive-in movie theatre was to see “Elvis: That's the Way It Is” six times in one weekend. After church service, we would sometimes drive to Blairsville to the Milton Inn to eat fried chicken. We had to drive to Hayesville, N.C., just to get pizza! During the fall, we played or watched flag football with the Phi Delta sorority and their brother fraternity, the Phi Chis. My roomie, Lynda Burgess Prewitt, ’71, and I still have a great time to this day recounting our favorite memories at YHC—especially the ones we can’t share with anyone else!

Nancy Couch, '71, still keeps in touch with her favorite faculty members like Dr. Todd Kimsey, who taught biology at YHC.

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