That’s All, Folks

I can’t believe the semester is over. I have seven finals to get through and then Christmas break begins. I’ve talked to numerous students and a handful of faculty members, and we all seem to agree this is the fastest a semester has ever gone by.

It’s been a rollercoaster for sure! Balancing three jobs, school and some kind of social life proved to be quite the burden, but I’m proud of myself for getting through it. I know it’s only because I attend Young Harris College, where I truly matter to all of my teachers, that I was able to succeed despite my full plate.

November is a time of thanksgiving, and I really am thankful that I walk on this campus every day. I hear so many stories from friends of mine that attend different colleges about how miserable they are at their school and how unimportant they feel, and I’m so grateful to not be able to relate.

I can remember looking at colleges and hearing that at YHC, you aren’t a number—you’re a name. Of course, this was in reference to the small classes, the private setting, the importance students feel and the respect they are given. Obviously all colleges want to say whatever they can to sound good, but at YHC, it’s a complete fact.

Every professor knows my name, long after I have taken their class. I love attending a college where professors can pass me on their way to lunch and stop long enough to ask me how I am and how my classes are going. Recently I had a professor ask me how my internship was going, and I had never even told her about it! It was really nice to see that a faculty member wanted to support me.

Personally, I think the closeness students feel in their classes is responsible for the intense friendships that blossom among us. This place, the Enchanted Valley, provides so many unique opportunities to make long-lasting friendships.

College is rumored to be the best four years of your life, and I know that, thanks to YHC, that’s been absolutely true for me. It’s so strange that a year from now I’ll be graduating, but I guess I have to accept that I can’t slow down time. It’s bittersweet to know that next December I’ll be walking around the plaza as a student for the last time, but I know I’ll be back. I don’t think anyone ever truly leaves this place.

Thanks to everyone who followed my adventures this semester, and I hope the holiday proves to be a blessed time for all of you. I plan to do a lot of catching up…on my sleep!

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