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About the Campaign

Young Harris College has entered an exciting new era. As we effect its transformation to a world-class, four-year liberal arts college, we stand on the shoulders of the rich tradition and proud heritage of Young Harris. This college has provided generations of students with an outstanding education, steeped in the values of service and truth fostered by its relationship to The United Methodist Church. Yet, our calling is to be more, to do more and to serve more.

Transformation is already evident on campus with growth in student enrollment as well as the number and quality of faculty and staff to serve those students. New and renovated facilities are being built to the highest design and environmental standards.

Yet, more remains to be accomplished. Young Harris College needs a core facility for its academic and social life—a hub grounding and uniting the intellectual and social aspects of a thriving college campus. The College must build its endowment to enable the best and brightest students to enroll, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances, and to ensure that Young Harris College can recruit, support and retain the best credentialed faculty. These form the essential elements of our campaign: Investing in the Future.

Now is the time for Young Harris College to take its place among the most competitive four-year colleges in the nation. We invite you to play an essential role in this transformation, preparing generations of students for fulfilling lives of service and leadership.

Pam R. Rollins                        Cathy Cox
Campaign Chair                     President

Capital Campaign