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Zell & Shirley Miller Library

“I’m a proud son of the Valley. Young Harris College is where I discovered myself, learned the value of hard work and the significance of God. It is where I experienced the pursuit of excellence and the thrill of having an exceptional teacher. It is where I developed friendships that have endured decades and where I found the joy of lasting love in my wife, Shirley. My time at Young Harris prepared me for a successful and rewarding life of public service. I simply can’t imagine how empty my life would be without Young Harris College.”

Zell Miller, ‘51

Former U.S. Senator and Georgia Governor
YHC Board of Trustees

The Zell and Shirley Miller Library

As the College’s academic programs and enrollment continue to expand, so must its library resources and study space. With 40,000 square feet, the Zell and Shirley Miller Library more than doubles the College’s existing physical space for its growing collection of academic resources that aid students in reaching their intellectual potential. In addition to designated space for permanent and special collections, the space has group study rooms, reading carrels, computer stations and a 24-hour study area.

Beyond that, the Zell and Shirley Miller Library stands as an enduring legacy of this couple’s contributions to Young Harris College, the State of Georgia and the nation. A prominently displayed exhibit pays tribute to the Millers’ inspiring story.

Capital Campaign

building at yhc info