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Why Give

“I feel blessed to have been associated with Young Harris College for more than 15 years. I am honored to serve as chair of the Board of Trustees during this historic transformation into a four-year institution. As we move forward, it will be important for all of us to financially undergird the College, ensuring that future Young Harris students will maximize their potential and make the kinds of positive contributions we can all celebrate.”

Jerry Nix

Executive Vice President & CFO, Genuine Parts Company
Chair, YHC Board of Trustees

Our future is now.

Institutions of higher learning are shaped by their location, character, people and programs. Since our founding, we have benefited from a highly recognizable combination of these traits. That is why many Young Harris College alumni—and admirers—send their sons and daughters to our enchanted valley.

Throughout the College’s history, our emphasis on providing a superior liberal arts education has remained constant. While the contours of our campus and curriculum will continue to change over the coming decade, our focus remains steadfast. Strong internal leadership and a wellspring of external support demonstrate that while our ambitions are high, our course is true. Our profile is on the rise.

At a time when many institutions are struggling to raise funds, our donor gifts doubled from 2010 to 2011. We find ourselves at the intersection where opportunity meets action.

Many already give generously of time and resources. This campaign is an opportunity to further express that commitment, ensuring that future young people will be educated, inspired and empowered here.

Your support is essential in helping us meet our $55 million campaign goal.

With a nod to the lone circuit-riding minister who founded our college more than a century ago, we are riding with excitement into our future, well-positioned to ascend to the ranks of the nation’s top liberal arts colleges. We invite you to join us with your contribution to this landmark campaign.

You can support the campaign through a variety of ways:

  • Capital Projects (Construction of Rollins Campus Center)
  • Endowment (Scholarships, Professorships, Chairs)
  • Annual Support (Young Harris Annual Fund)
  • Restricted Support
  • Planned Giving (Estate and financial planning)

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