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Payroll Deduction Authorization Form

I wish to support the College and hereby authorize the Business Office to make deductions from my paycheck accordingly:


$ from each paycheck

These deductions will continue until further notice.

I wish this contribution to be designated for:

Leadership Giving Club levels, if you desire to give at these levels, for Young Harris College's Fiscal Yar (July 1 through June 30 each year):

Wesley Club $1000 (or $83.34 monthly for a full fiscal year)
College Club $500 (or 41.67 monthly for a full fiscal year)
Century Club $250 (or $20.84 monthly for a full fiscal year)
Patron's Club $100 (or $8.34 monthly for a full fiscal year)

*yearly totals will vary depending on when you begin a club giving plan.

Contributions to Young Harris College are tax deductible.  All contributions are recognized in the Annual Report to investors.  Contributions are based on a fiscal year from July 1 through June 30.  Return completed form to the office of advancement services.